10 Step Guide to Start a Blog

Are you thinking of joining the kingdom of blogging? Welcome to the club. While there are many bloggers today, there is still room for more bloggers to join and express their opinions, and share their perceptions with others. For one to become a blogger, you do not wake up one day and decide I am going to make a blog. Having your opinions, observations and perceptions also are not all that is required to make a blog. You have to add value to the reader going through your blog. Below are some principles you can consider before starting a blog.

1. Be Passionate

This is one of the most important principles. People want to read and listen to your unique perspective of things. The uniqueness of what you write can influence your writing style, humor and even the experiences you write. When writing, show the reader that you are concerned about the topic you are writing about. More often than not, people are told to find what niche they can become best in. While discovering your niche helps, what helps more is how interesting your story is. If you can be interested in one area, you can also be excellent in many more areas. You, however, would not want to write about something you are not passionate about.

2. Find Your Audience

Every blogger should think about the person who will read their content. Unlike fiction writing, you should be concerned with the target audience of your blog. If you are writing a traveling blog, you know what a person who is interested in traveling wants to hear or read. Gather information on what people who like traveling prefer, the activities they take part in and write the blog regarding their likes and dislikes.

3. Provide Valuable Content

People will opt-in for blogs that entertain them or those which are advising them. They want to have added some value in themselves once they are done reading the blog. This makes readers hungry for your blogs. Besides, they will also recommend your blogs to their friends. When people feel like reading, they will consider your blogs as they know how interesting they are. 

4. Uniqueness

Every blogger cannot have their own area in which they are writing. You will, therefore, find many bloggers writing on one field. What will make your blog stand out among the other blogs? If your blog is unique, people will consider reading it compared to reading the ordinary things everyone has heard of. Besides standing out, unique blogs also help in adding value as it influences the style and content of your blog. Most bloggers use their styles and this makes them stand out. Content also should be unique if many readers are to read your blog.

5. Keep It Real

When writing a blog, be yourself. This is the easiest way to write a unique blog. If you are writing a traveling blog; say your perspective, your experiences, your recommendations, the activities you take part in and what you find interesting about traveling. Do not incorporate other people’s ideas, thoughts, and experiences. Write about what you know about, what makes you afraid, what makes you smile, what keeps you awake at night, what makes you daydream and what you believe about what. There might be people who will not identify with you but most of them will find you a warm soul.

6. Prioritize

Theoretically, this sounds so easy. If you are a blogger, your priority is to write. However, there are many more tasks beyond writing that need to be done; setting up a website, designing the site, publishing blog posts among others. To run a blog, all these activities must be carried out. You should not let these activities run you down whatsoever since your main aim is blogging.

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7. Exchange Ideas

Some bloggers turn off commenting for their blogs and this is okay since there are people who will criticize you and some are agents of negative comments. Such bloggers might get crushed if they read negative comments from their readers. However, you should know that once you post a blog, it will remain there for everyone to see. If you aim to become relevant, some people will commend you while others will criticize you. Moreover, writing for dialogue helps you think from a wider perspective, make friends with readers and even write more. 

8. Know What You’re Doing

This means researching before settling on what you will write. If you are an expert in that field, you might be informed but things keep on changing so you should be up to date with the most recent developments and changes. Before starting the blog, be sure of what you are writing. Researching before writing will also help if a reader has questions that need to be answered, if they need clarifications made or if they start an argument.

9. Keep it Simple

If you are a blogger, you know what a blog is. You might include relevant pictures once in a while but widgets and subpages will be making your blog complicated. If you have the ‘About Me’ section, try and shorten it and do not use ads. However, if the blog is used for additional income, the ads might be used but very sparingly. Do not exaggerate the website. Let it be used mainly for blogging and not for other purposes.

10. Don’t Forget Why You Started

Apart from blogging, you need to remember that you have a life outside the writing world. You have to be real in the world outside blogging. You can take part in activities you are thinking to blog about or share your opinions with different people and hear their thoughts then write them down.

Bloggers are on the rise today. Due to this, bloggers are required to be creative and unique on the content they write if they are to stand out. Blogging should not only be a mode of entertaining the readers but also add value to their lives.

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